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A Summer Residence in Protaras, CY

Before, During and After | #gardenguidecy

This has been one of our biggest residential projects in Protaras, CY. We have been requested to design a summer residence, of rockscaping features, native plants, retaining walls and colorful plants. This garden is characterized by its unique formation of rocks, its mainly gold and purple colors of plants, as well as the steps that leading to the sea shore. Following step by step the client's requests, we have managed to achieve a thoughtful designed green space, with open green areas and a gazebo for their relaxing moments by the sea in their summer holidays in our island.   

  Feng Shui Garden in Cyprus

Before and After | #gardenguidecy
This garden was a challenge. A Japanese style garden with Feng Shui details, adjusted to Cyprus native plants and trees. Rockscaping and xeriscaping is a what we promote through our designs. A minimal selection of plants that can enhance a design in Cyprus weather conditions.   


A Garden By The Pool

Carefully selected plants that are tolerant in Nicosia's weather and also suitable to be placed next to a pool. The garden has become a small paradise for the residents. A house in the middle of the town and yet a getaway for their everyday lives. 

Another heaven in the middle of the town

Hanging plants on the wall, changing in levels, a pool and a small patio on the higher level of the garden. A home with a garden for your everyday getaways!

Rockscapes, Cacti and Succulents  

Before and After | #gardenguidecy

A Cacti entrance for a beautiful house in Nicosia was another challenge. The micro climate of the area is being changing radically through the day from extreme sunlight to full shade, by the separating wall. Therefore, the only plantation that could last and be tolerant in such changes, were cacti and succulents. We love the addition of decorative rocks and gravel, as they embrace the design.     

Warm cactus design for house entrances


Make your house entrance special, native and low cost of maintenance by using cactus and succulents. We created a front face of a house providing style with textures, colors and shapes. Yucca rostrata, Echinocactus grusonii, Pachypodium lamarei are some of the cactus that we have used to create this garden.  Make the difference with your Garden Guide now.



An indoor establishment gets a signature look.


We have requested to design an indoor garden. The weather conditions vary, from partial sunlight, high on humidity, mostly on summer time,to low temperatures in winter periods. Our choice underneath the olive tree was Philodendron xanadu, that matches all the condition specs needed. Wooden chips and grey gravel added at the end to finish the design. 



A sea side garden gets a new coat of colors and shapes

A garden located on the sea shore is a challenging design. The plants considerations are particularly specific. The salty waters, humidity and winds are crucial elements to keep in mind while designing such an area. Palm trees, silver leaved plants, succulents and cactus are those that tolerate such weather conditions. Call us for more information about plants.   


High-end living in the South Side of the island


The island was created for a cottage house in Larnaca. The house is surrounded by its yard, located in an upper level of the ground (the island). The design includes a botanical garden planted around the house island. Made by Lavenders, Rosemarie, Salvia and other native herbs. Along with some bushes for color, like alternathera and portalucaria, are proudly presented in this design.  



A tropical garden for your house entrance


Make your guests first impression of your house interesting by exploring a tropical garden. Palm trees, Paradise bird plants and big rocks achieve this journey to a tropical island. Our creations are each unique and special for everyone of you. We manage to include your style and inspiration within our designs and provide the best of result for you and your be loved ones. 



Handcrafted Rock Pots

Be unique and original this Christmas with our Unique Volcanic Planters that succulents definitely love!! 
Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some of our planters to use where the drainage was perfect and the plants could be healthy and also growing in a replica of their native habitat? We all deserve a nice shaped rock in the best corner of our house or desk. What makes it that special is that we carve each rock and plant it with love. Therefore the best present for you and your beloved ones.

|Stone carving is an activity where pieces of rough natural stone are shaped. Often marks carved into rock will survive where painted work will not.|

Perenials In Carved Rocks.jpg


These carved rocks are available for planting with varies kinds of plants; succulents, cactus, ferns, perennials – all these would look amazing, and can be added anywhere in your space, kitchen, patio or even your office desk!

succulent in a rock.jpg


Plant's roots seek out moisture deep in the carved rocks, and they relish the hot sun and warmth retained by the stone after the sun has gone down.

The tiny pores left by escaping gases as the rock cools make little reservoirs for moisture and air, another crucial factor in the success of these plants.

The plants can’t survive without good soil air around their roots. These air pockets also contribute to good insulation from cold, and help the roots withstand cold winter temperatures.

a single love.jpg


These unique handcrafted rocks are natural, not man made, and therefore are all different.

Choose from small, medium and large to suit your type of plants. 

Another idea from your Garden Guide! You only need to call us and order your own. Is that simple!!