Your Garden Guide designs green spaces to elevate your space to the next level.



From all over the world to Cyprus, we design green and livable gardens for families of all shapes and sizes.


We have extensive experience designing exterior green spaces and roof gardens for restaurants and offices. 



If you need your guests to have an unforgettable experience, your Garden Guide company will deliver. 

Warm cactus design for house entrances


Make your house entrance special, native and low cost of maintenance by using cactus and succulents. We created a front face of a house providing style with textures, colors and shapes. Yucca rostrata, Echinocactus grusonii, Pachypodium lamarei are some of the cactus that we have used to create this garden.  Make the difference with your Garden Guide now.



An indoor establishment gets a signature look.


We have requested to design an indoor garden. The weather conditions vary, from partial sunlight, high on humidity, mostly on summer time,to low temperatures in winter periods. Our choice underneath the olive tree was Philodendron xanadu, that matches all the condition specs needed. Wooden chips and grey gravel added at the end to finish the design. 



A sea side garden gets a new coat of colors and shapes

A garden located on the sea shore is a challenging design. The plants considerations are particularly specific. The salty waters, humidity and winds are crucial elements to keep in mind while designing such an area. Palm trees, silver leaved plants, succulents and cactus are those that tolerate such weather conditions. Call us for more information about plants.   



High-end living in the South Side of the island


The island was created for a cottage house in Larnaca. The house is surrounded by its yard, located in an upper level of the ground (the island). The design includes a botanical garden planted around the house island. Made by Lavenders, Rosemarie, Salvia and other native herbs. Along with some bushes for color, like alternathera and portalucaria, are proudly presented in this design.  



A tropical garden for your house entrance


Make your guests first impression of your house interesting by exploring a tropical garden. Palm trees, Paradise bird plants and big rocks achieve this journey to a tropical island. Our creations are each unique and special for everyone of you. We manage to include your style and inspiration within our designs and provide the best of result for you and your be loved ones.